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God gave you style and gave you grace, and put a smile upon your face

Miss Meka
First off! I need to credit LJ user hey_shmee who made my LJ icon. I love it! South of Nowhere is an awesome show on The-N =) And my header was made by LJ user nialish_icons, I absolutely ADORE Orlando Bloom! I have this silly crush on him now haha his accent is so hot! He's from England.

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(note the username "divameka") the nickname was given to me by my friend Joan =) Although I wish I could change it because that mess is getting old but that would mean I would have to cancel this journal and start a new one and frankly I don't want to do that. So I'm stuck with this name.

My LJ entries are pretty random as you will obviously see. I use LJ as an outlet to record my weird dreams, thoughts, ideas, goals, or for venting about stuff. Which is pretty much what every other user has their account for anyway.

Feel free to post comments in my entries, or read them.....

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