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Potomac River

I had a dream two nights ago about the Potomac River flooding-like a huge flood. There was a narrator with a Native American voice and he explained as I saw images the history of the river and what was to come because Mother Earth was "very angry". I was also shown that there was some kind of battle and people being hung or killed (in its past not future), and someone by the name of Anderson or whatever was either killed there or had some connection to the river, along with three other people whose names I cannot remember from the dream, and the year 1863. There were also cliffs and apparently some people were hung off the cliffs a long time ago. I also saw fresh waterfalls in some parts.

I have no clue why this particular river was dreamt and to tell you the truth I don't think I've ever heard of this river nor cared to know about it if I did hear its name before, so this was really random. All I know is that this narrator basically showed me its history and said that it will flood greatly in the future because Mother Earth is "very angry". And this flood was caused by a tsunami wave or some type, not a storm, maybe an earthquake?

Anyway my mom got online at work and brought home some printed out pages of info about the river. This is what I've found out:

- - It is referred to as the Nation's River because it flows through the nation's capital.
- It provides a watershed for many cities, towns, farms, forests and parks.
- The Hanging Rocks are perpendicular cliffs rising nearly 300 feet above the South Branch Potomac River in Hampshire County, West Virginia, four miles north of Romney at Wappocomo on West Virginia State Route 28. Hanging Rocks served as the scene of a fierce battle between Delaware and Catawba Native Americans around 1736. The rocks were also the scene of skirmishes between Union and Confederate troops in 1861. This American Civil War engagement is often referred to as "The Battle of Hanging Rocks" or the "Battle of Hanging Rocks Pass."
- At Moorefield, the South Branch is joined by the South Fork South Branch Potomac River and runs north to Old Fields where it is fed by Anderson Run and Stony Run.
- The Great Falls of the Potomac River are located on the northern boundary of the park as are the remains of the Patowmack Canal, the oldest canal in the United States which utilized locks to raise and lower boats. The falls total 76 feet (20 m) over a series of major cascades and cannot be navigated by boat. Some kayakers have gone over the falls in the past during periods of lower water levels as the largest single drop is only 33 (10 m) feet.
- The American Civil War was taking place during the year 1863 and Abraham Lincoln was president.

THIS IS ALL WAY TOO WEIRD! Maybe I'm psychic lol-
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