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I don't know where to begin.......

Monday: Work was ok, the usual.

Tuesday: I got paranoid when Diana's collar wouldn't fit around her neck so I assumed it had swelled up after her vaccinations were done on Monday. It turns out that she's just getting big lol

Wednesday: I got a call from my old internship at the tv station and was offered to work part-time producing, editing, directing a segment that will air on every episode for the upcoming season. I accepted it of course. I get all of the details later. It's part-time but at least I'd get to do what I went to college for!

My mom came to pick me up from work. Our car was old, like 1988 old. Well it finally died in the parking lot of my job. It was smoking really bad and apparently caught fire in some area of it. Yeah that was great. We called 911 and two fire trucks pulled up within 5 minutes along with a van with a HOT fireman in it hehe There were a lot of hot guys coming to the rescue, it was sooooo great! Anyway, so the car was tended to and we became carless.

Thursday: Still carless. The old car is still sitting in my job's parking lot and it can't go anywhere because the engine is dead so we can only tow it which costs way too much money (money my mom does not have). We had to hitch a ride everywhere with her asshole "family friend" (long story). My co-worker recommended a dealership that worked well with her and was able to help she and her daughter out who were in the same situation in the past like me and my mom.

Friday: My mom called the dealership and by the end of the day she was able to turn the old car in as a down payment and get a LIKE NEW 2002 Ford Taurus that rides really good! Yes indeed, everything was a blessing this week, even though some parts of it was crappy and looked like it was going nowhere.

Now we need a brand new home of our own, we're sick of renting we want to OWN a home not give money to someone who already owns the dumb thing. We don't benefit from that. That's just putting cash into someone else's pocket every month. So we're working on that next.
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