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Persecution, Purification By Fire and Deliverance

I had a dream last night (and you all know how some of my dreams are "messages" or whatever). Prior to what I am about to tell you, I was shown some things about a few people that I know. I don't want to put their personal business on the internet so I will exclude it, but this message was for them too. It was off somewhere in Egypt, but like back in the ancient days. It started off with someone being locked in a wooden coffin, and then put into a tomb that was also made of wood. This person was still alive, and the wicked people who were doing it knew that too. Suffocating the person in the coffin didn't satisfy them enough, so they all gathered around with torches and began to light the tomb on fire.

While all of this was going on, I was watching. And then I saw a flap of the tomb open and the person was being rescued but the wicked people weren't able to see this. Suddenly I felt like I was being lifted very high up and in a flash I found myself at an entrance to a very enormous room. Very pretty with a cathedral ceiling and dome at the top with a pretty and colorful mural of some sort that allowed light to shine through (it wasn't stained glass though, it was something else I have never seen before). I felt this strong presence before I could get my foot through the door. It was so powerful that I felt helpless and collapsed to the ground. I crawled my way into the room, the presence got stronger. Suddenly I was lifted up on my feet and found that it was Jesus!

He spoke to me and he said that what I had seen (the persecution of that person and the fire) was just a symbol of how fire can purify the soul and make it new. And that he can deliver everyone even if it seems like all hope is lost or even if they were close to death, it didn't matter because he can deliver them out of anything they are in. (I mean, that person was going to be buried alive AND burned! But they were rescued.) A woman walked into the room, she was dressed in white and she stood in front of a mantle, or table with a white sheet over it and a gold cross at the top. She kneeled and made the sign of the cross and stood up. I did the same and then I clasped my hands together and quietly reflected on the words that were spoken to me.

I could still feel that powerful presence in the room and it was very comforting and I no longer felt weak against it. After I awoke from the dream I got the words in my head "Those around you will prosper, starting with you. There is something for everyone, for those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ."
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The bible has a lot to say about the purification by fire even at the last days the purification of heaven and earth will be by fire. God claims to be the consuming fire.