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Ok, I am not claiming this as a prediction because in my opinion like all of these types of dreams that I have, I can't call it a prediction unless it actually happens and that'll give me evidence that my dream before the event was correct.

I had this dream two nights ago. It started off with me walking with someone and she was talking to me. We stood overlooking an arched bridge made of stones (not metal or wires or anything like that). Water started flooding in near the bridge. She was telling me about a huge flood. She told me that the water was very deep almost like the ocean and if anyone jumped in it they would definitely drown because the water went down more than 360 feet deep or something. All I know is that it was a lot of water! I did see people jump in the water though (obviously they were going to die lol) And then I was whisked off to a weird interactive type of map (a format of a map unlike anything on earth). I was shown a map of the United States and starting from like Louisiana (or was it Mississippi....) all the way up to the Midwest was a line that combined that entire area together.

My mom told me today that there is a fault line called the New Madrid Fault that runs all the way from the south to the midwest. Anyway, on the map I was shown a pinpointed area near or in St. Louis and that area was suffering from a huge earthquake, a real major one that made every land located near or on the fault tremble and feel its effects. The earthquake also triggered a dam to break causing a huge flood. It was that massive of an earthquake, enough to make a dam break. Now I don't know what this all means, maybe it's just a weird dream...

Everytime I get a messenger telling me stuff and showing me things in dreams it ends up happening. Look at the Asia Tsunami, I had a dream about that in October of that year and it happened that December. Sheesh if it's not one thing it's something else. I don't know, I'm confused. If it doesn't happen that would be really great, so I hope that I am wrong and this is just some random dream. But I felt that I should make a record of this because its been sticking with me in my head since I had the dream.

Does anyone know if there is a big dam in that area? And if there is a bridge made of stones with archways underneath it? I can't remember if it was a bridge accessible to drive on, but I think there is possibly a river of some sort flowing underneath it. I'm going to do some research on this. I need facts and evidence.

edit: I found this page about the New Madrid Fault on the St. Charles County Division of Emergency Management site http://www.scchealth.org/docs/ems/docs/prepare/newMadrid.html
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