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The Park

I had another one of those "dreams" the other night. This past Sunday night I awoke from a horrible dream about a high school shooting. I was actually afraid to go back to sleep, I could feel the fear and terror still lingering from the dream.

From what I can remember now that its been a few days, is it happened at a school where a neighborhood was nearby. The neighborhood was called The Park, and the school was a few mins. within walking distance. The school had the same name as the neighborhood surrounding it. It was in the fall, kind of at a time where kids went back to school for the new year. I can remember being in a very large cafeteria or some kind of large area big enough to be a cafeteria or used for study hall. It happened in the afternoon, around lunch time to 2pm. I remember students talking and laughing and suddenly a voice boomed across the room "Everybody get down on the ground!", There stood two older young men, (they looked like they could be seniors in high school or possibly even college freshmen). I had this feeling that wherever they came from they did not belong in that school to begin with and how they were able to get in, I'm not sure......

The shooters were a white husky kind of looking guy, and a tall, slim black guy, both with large black guns in their hands. I don't know much about guns, but they kind of looked like rifles or something. That size of a gun. A couple of students were giggling on the other side of the room (we were all down on the floor). The students who were giggling seem to not have taken the situation seriously. One of the gunmen asked if they thought it was funny, the students didn't answer and the gunmen shot them from across the room. People screamed, some began to cry. One guy actually got up from the floor and took off running towards the door but he was shot in the back. He wore a blue and white stripe t-shirt (a polo shirt), he had light brown hair and he was white. He died instantly. At one point I made eye contact with the white gunmen. He had no emotion in his eyes. Both of the gunmen looked like they were a walking body of emptiness (if that makes any sense to you). You could tell that they had no human emotion or remorse for what they were doing.

Suddenly I was taken in the dream to what was going on outside of the school. There were tons of parents, police, media, families of the students gathering outside of the school. Later I saw a news report saying that a lot of students were shot in the corridors of the school, and that the students in the cafeteria were being separated in two lines where one line would all be shot execution style, and the other would live. And then there was a report towards the end of it all where a student got their hands on a knife and stabbed one of the gunmen in the back at the same time the cops came in before the other gunmen could do more damage. The gunmen who got stabbed died, and the other was arrested. There apparently were a few other gunmen somewhere in the school, they were the ones shooting students in the corridors. It was just awful. I remember in the dream I was walking down the sidewalk towards the school and I crossed paths with a young boy with blonde curly hair, about 7 years of age, he looked frightened and he was crying. I gave him a hug and told him that everything will be okay.

What I couldn't understand that was so different about this shooting than all the others in the past, these gunmen were not planning on committing suicide like all of the other school shooters did. These gunmen thought they'd get away with murder and escape, hiding out somewhere. Well their plan was weak and it failed because they all got caught. I don't know if this is a prophetic dream, I never know these things unless it happens in the future, then I'd have the dream to look back on and compare to confirm if it was prophetic or not. I just felt that I should write about it just in case, and if it doesn't happen, then many young lives would be spared. This was by far the worst shooting, far worse than Virginia Tech.
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An overview of Park High School located in Racine, Wisconsin - WI.